CX is the only omni-channel marketing automation platform that is both customized and cost-effective. Don’t take our word for it. Search around and compare features and pricing. You’ll find that you have lots of options, if all you want is email marketing against simple data. To get professional marketing capabilities, though, you need a world-class platform and Encima’s deep marketing expertise.




  • Industry-leading data integration to allow  a single view of the customer
  • Omni-channel capabilities: Email, SMS, Social,  Print/DM fulfillment, all within an execution engine  supporting complex customer journeys
  • Direct access to SQL-compliant database  to support analytics
  • Always-on dashboards for first line analytics



  • Marketing services support tailored to your needs
  • Marketing strategy and tactics brief Execution excellence:
  • Business requirements documents (BRD)
  • Campaign design documents (CDD)
  • File Interface Agreements (FIA)
  • Always-on tactical impact dashboard



  • Analytics measurement plan
  • Recurring analytics
  • Monthly deep-dives
  • Bi-weekly tactical reviews
  • Site tagging
  • Site analytics implementation
  • Multi-channel data warehousing